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Coconut Almond Granola

One of my favorite snacks is granola!  This granola, I promise you will love!!  But, be careful, because once you start, it is hard to stop.  This was influenced by my sister’s boyfriend.  He gave me a recipe and I did a little mixing up and violà! Granola is great because
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Eating for Brain Health

I recently joined forces with Dr.Paul Nussbaum at the Brain Health Center, Inc.  to help promote the importance of brain health.  Dr. Nussbaum’s 5 main pillars of brain health and wellness are:  Socialization, Physical Activity, Mental Stimulation, Spirituality and
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“Spring Cleaning” Stir fry

I got home from work last night and wasn’t quite sure what was for dinner.  So I opened the fridge and decided to “Spring Clean” and use what I had.  It is one of the best feelings to use up produce and clean out the fridge to create a delicious meal!  So, that
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Understanding GMOs

Being aware of where your food is coming from is quite important these days.  Our food supply has drastically changed over the past several decades.  More than 90% of soybean seeds and 80% of all the corn in the US are sold by one company—Monsanto.  Monsanto is the leading
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Eat Local

Today people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of eating local. Why? Well, for several reasons. One, it is important to support our local farms. Two, eating local offers us more nutrition. The moment fruits and vegetables are picked; it begins to lose its
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Welcome To Our Blog!

My name is Rita and I am a registered dietitian, founder of RED Dietitians! I love food and have a passion for good, wholesome nutrition and most importantly REAL food! My goal is to provide you with information that helps you adapt a healthy lifestyle practice! I have a strong
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